World's Connected: An Oc Fashion Magazine!

World's Connected is inspired after Vogue and Tabloid magazines and focus on things such as original characters dressed in outfits to steal the show, hot gossip and drama between oc universes, and more!Check out our schedule, guidelines, and more below!


Pre-Interest Checks12/5 - 1/5/23
Pre-Interest Review1/6 - 1/13
Interest Check1/14 - 2/14
Contributor Applications Open2/27
Contributor Applications Close3/27
Emails SentTBD
Discord Join Deadline--


World's Connected: An OC Fashion Magazine is a zine made entirely to let original character artists and writers have a place to shine.
Inspired after Vogue and Tabloid magazines, in this zine we want to include pages filled with hot gossip in your universes world, your ocs featured as celebrities in red carpet looks with their hot takes, fun activities like eye spy, easter eggs or even word searches!
This is a free SFW, PG-13, digital zine. There will be no physical merchandise or purchases made. A PDF download will be available, and we will try our best to make it printable at home!
Have questions? Check out our FAQ or DM us!

Meet the Mods!

Kritchit Kazgorath | She/They | Head Mod / Art Mod
❝ HI HI!! my name is kritchit and i LOOOVE ocs, fantasy genres, and writing! i look foreword to working with you all :] ❞

Jasper Evermore | He/They | Co-Head Mod / Intern
❝ GREETINGS! I'm Jasper and along with a love for space, the ocean and fantasy themes as a whole. I'm also a big fan of writing stories and character creation! Let's have lots of fun together :D ❞

Belle | Any Pronouns | Organization / Writing Mod
❝ the only thing i love more than OCs is musical theatre ❞


❝ What is a page artist? ❞
A page artist is an artist who draws an illustration for one or more pages. Spreads are illustrations that span across two pages.
❝ What is a spot artist? ❞
A spot artist is an artist that draws anything from half or full range page art to typically pair with a story or fic. It can include objects, small chibis, or background elements.
❝ What is a merch artist? ❞
Merch artists are artists who design things for physical and/or digital merch.
❝ What is a pinch hitter?❞
Being a pinch hitter means that you are not part of the official contributor line up, but if someone drops, you may be contacted to take their place. Please be mindful that if you select to be a pinch hitter, you may not have as much time to complete your piece.

❝ What is a zine? ❞
A zine is typically a fan project where fans come together to create something for a piece of media, such as a book or a magazine.
❝ How many contributors will you be accepting? ❞
As of right now, we are taking 20 contributors! 6 page artists, 5 spot artists, 4 merch artists, and 5 writers.
❝ Do I need prior experience to participate? ❞
No experience is required to be able to participate!
❝ Are NSFW creators allowed to apply? ❞
Yes. However, those whose portfolios, artist career, and social media presence is primarily NSFW will not be accepted in applications. Those who make family-friendly work alongside the occasional NSFW piece are allowed to apply.
❝ Are NSFW pieces allowed in our portfolio? ❞
Yes. Please just make sure to tag NSFW artwork accordingly.
❝ Can we submit previous art pieces for the zine? ❞
No. All pieces submitting to the zine must be exclusively for the zine.
❝ Can I post WIPs or stream my piece? ❞
Please do not post WIPs or stream past your sketching process.
❝ Can I post or sell my finished piece? ❞
Contributors still reserve all of their rights to their work! However, please only post or sell your finished piece after the zine is complete. The mods will give the go-ahead for contributors to start posting their pieces.